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Mission Statement:

To lead a comprehensive School-to-Careers system, incorporating the full range of business, education and community partners in order to address the educational and workforce opportunities for all students and youth in Schenectady County.


  • To help all students succeed in their academic efforts
  • To prepare each student for a meaningful, rewarding and challenging career; enabling each student to fully use his/her abilities in an appropriate career.
  • To create a better prepared workforce in Schenectady County, thereby making the county a more attractive place for business and other employers, resulting in economic growth.
  • To continually evaluate progress of the Partnership and to communicate to the Partnership and greater public.
  • Enhancing student interest in academics by showing the connection between academics and careers, thus assisting students in finding and selecting a career path which they are excited about and eager to prepare for.
  • Focusing academic learning on knowledge and skills useful and necessary in the student’s future career/employment.
Program Activities:

Annual Symposium Purpose: To showcase the accomplishments of the STC Partnership with exhibits and presentations for educators, employers, community agencies, parents and students. It is also an opportunity for teachers, administrators, businesses, students, parents, agencies and other community members to network.

The 2002 Fall Symposium

When: Thursday, October 24, 2002
Where: Schenectady County Community College
Van Curler Room, 78 Washington Avenue, Schenectady, NY
Time: 3:30 – 5:00 pm
3:45 Awards
4:30 Refreshments, prepared by the Culinary Arts Program of the Schenectady County Community College
Cost: Free

Examples that Work!

Purpose: To document and communicate the wide range of School-to-Careers activities in Schenectady County.

Examples that Work is a collection of School-to-Career curricula in Schenectady County. The examples are grouped into one of 14 general categories to make it easier to find a given type of curriculum. Examples that Work is a document in continual progress, seeking to include representation of each type of curriculum and representation from each of the Schenectady County school districts. Any district, business or agency involved in School-to-Career activities may submit their ‘Example that Works’ to the Partnership to be considered for inclusion in this collection.

Best Practice Validation Process

Purpose: To highlight School-to-Careers activities and curricula which demonstrate an effective applications of School-to-Careers principles.

This process reviews existing curriculum to determine if it is a successful application of School-to- Career principles, and worthy of being considered as such.

Any individual or organization interested in having their program/curriculum validated may apply for a review. This application includes a self-assessment, using a rubric prepared by the Curriculum Committee (this provides an opportunity for self screening). The Curriculum Committee then reviews the applications and assigns a team (usually two or three people consisting of educators and a business representative) to visit the program and conduct a more in depth evaluation. The review team visits the class/activity and meets with the instructor/facilitator. After the visit, the team prepares a recommendation on validation to the Curriculum Committee, based how well the curriculum meets the School-to-Career standards as defined by the rubric.

Programs receiving validation are recognized at the annual School-to-Career Partnership Symposium and are awarded a plaque. They are also highlighted in the Examples That Work book as a Best Practice.

The review provides an external, independent assessment of curriculum. A side benefit is exposure of the reviewing team to the curriculum, which helps to broaden awareness.


Purpose: To encourage the utilization of existing curriculum development funds from school district and partners, to develop new or enhanced School-to-Careers curricula.

Each year a Request for Proposals is issued by the School-to-Careers Partnership. Applicants may represent school districts, agencies, businesses or parent groups, as long as there is a collaboration of at least two partners. Proposals must demonstrate a connection between the classroom and the workplace, and that the activity can be replicated by other districts, agencies or businesses.

Mini-Grants are awarded based on:

  • Inclusion of collaborating partners
  • A clear link to Partnership Standards
  • The activity is clearly replicable
  • The workplace connection is clear
  • Benefit to students is demonstrated
  • A well-detailed budget is provided
  • The activity is sustainable beyond the Mini-Grant funding period.
Professional Development/Teacher In-Service Purpose: Train teachers in the use of School-to-Career teaching methodology and resources.

This program provides participants with a better understanding of the skills necessary for success in the contemporary American workplace. The course includes information on the Schenectady County Business Community and worksite visits as participants prepare lesson/unit plans connecting academic curriculum to the workplace. As the curriculum is developed, guidance is provided to effectively integrate the Learning Standards into the curriculum.

Teacher Internships

Purpose: Train teachers in the use of School-to-Career teaching methodology and resources.

Teacher internships provide teachers with the opportunity to spend time in a business of their choice and use that experience to develop curriculum. The program begins with a planning/discussion meeting hosted by the Partnership. The teachers then visit the business to learn how it operates and what the business expects of employees. Based on this experience, the teachers develop curriculum, which is reviewed by the business and submitted to the partnership.

CEIP (Career Exploration Internship Program)

Purpose: Provide opportunities for students to explore possible career choices through internships in the workplace.

The Career Exploration Internship Program is a non-paid internship which provides a link between school and the business world. This program gives students opportunities for hands-on experience in a variety of career choices, helping them to decide on a career and how to prepare for their choice of career. In addition to an internship, the program involves course work at the student’s school. Students can earn one-half or one credit toward graduation by completing this program. The school provides a coordinator to work with the student and the business. In addition to career exploration, students gain an understanding of the importance of a positive work ethic and responsibility, as well as an opportunity to improve their teamwork and human relations skills.

Liaisons with the Seven Public School Districts that serve Schenectady County and SCCC include:

Maryellen Symer
Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central Schools

June Krone
Schalmont Central Schools

Samantha Bauman
Duanesburg Central Schools

Linda Lombardi
Schenectady City Schools
518.370.8101 –ext. 132

Amanda Genzer
Mohonasen Central Schools

Jim Connolly
Scotia-Glenville Schools

David Wetzel
Niskayuna Central Schools

Angela Prestigiacomo
Schenectady Co. Com. College

The Partnership operates under the Schenectady County Chamber Foundation an affiliate of the Chamber of Schenectady County.

For additional information contact:

Mary Anderson, Director

Patricia Barney, Coordinator


The Chamber of Schenectady County
306 State St. Schenectady, NY 12305
Ph: 518.372.5656 800.962.8007 Fx: 518.370.3217
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