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Diversity Day, February 11, 2003 ( 3 ) photo(s) in album created on 2/17/2003
Description: A day devoted to the examination of diversity issues, including: diversity training in the workplace, laws pertaining to immigrant populations, touring a diverse setting:the YMCA of Schenectady and example of community diversity training.
Education Day, April 8,2003 ( 6 ) photo(s) in album created on 4/9/2003
Description: Visit to a community educational setting, Schenectady High School. Presentation by educators on small learning communities, tour of building with student guides, student performance in the School of Fine Arts, Union College advanced degree programs for ed
Girls Inc. 2003 ( 31 ) photo(s) in album created on 1/26/2003
Description: Leadership Schenectady at Girls Inc. Project Adventure.
Government Day, March 11, 2003 ( 8 ) photo(s) in album created on 3/18/2003
Description: Visit to a county government building, Glenville, Town Hall. Presentation by three county governing officials: Supervisor Clarence Mosher, Glenville, Mayor Al Jurczynski, Schenectady City and Kevin DeFebbo, County Manager. Introduction of Student Solve a
Human Service Day, February 28, 2003 ( 6 ) photo(s) in album created on 2/28/2003
Description: Visit to a human service setting as well as a small county community. ARC" Princetown Ridge in Princetown. Examination of the funding of human services, tour of the ARC setting, and presentation by human service entities.
Law & Justice Day, April 22, 2003 ( 4 ) photo(s) in album created on 4/23/2003
Description: No pictures taken on tour of Schenectady County Jail. Second site, Center City, Office of the One Stop, visit to Electric City Rock Gym and talk by Commissioner Daniel Boyle included.
Leadership Arts/Culture Day, March 25, 2003 ( 7 ) photo(s) in album created on 3/26/2003
Description: Visit to the Schenectady Museum. Examination of the Arts in our community as an important asset for economic growth and nurturing the spirt of a community. Tour of the museum and collections, providing a glimpse into the history of this community.
Schenectady County Community College ( 6 ) photo(s) in album created on 3/13/2003
Description: Day spent on SCCC campus, devoted to envisioning personal and group class expectations. Presentations by President Basil regarding the vision for SCCC´s future.
Streetscape Project ( 8 ) photo(s) in album created on 5/1/2003
Description: Class project is to assist the launch of the communication aspect of the streetscape project that will begin in July 2003 in the center of State Street.


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