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The My Neighbor campaign, a partnership of the Schenectady County Legislature and the Chamber of Schenectady County, is designed to boost homes sales throughout Schenectady County and to give visitors and residents alike a view of the historic and prosperous county.

A grand kickoff celebration was held in early June 2000 at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia, during which a campaign theme ­ Schenectady County: Work Play Live ­ and a custom-designed program logo were unveiled. The theme and logo adorn items and advertising materials ranging from clothing lapel buttons to display flags to outdoor billboards as ways to publicize the campaign and attract homebuyers to Schenectady County.
Schenectady County lags behind other counties in the region in home sales, despite the fact that many houses throughout the county are for sale, many at very reasonable prices and ideal for first-time homebuyers, others among the most beautiful and prestigious in the region. The My Neighbor residential marketing campaign expects to boost the home sales rate in Schenectady County by combining the traditional parties, including financial institutions and real estate firms, with the resources and staff of the county Legislature and Chamber of Commerce.
Equally important in the effort is the goal to change the public¹s perception of Schenectady County, to show that this is a vibrant and rewarding place in which to live and conduct business.
The 1999 Annual Report of the County Manager buttresses the goals of the My Neighbor campaign. “Are we a good place to live? We are a wonderful place to live,” writes County Manager Robert D. McEvoy. “We remain the only urban county in the region with less than an 8 percent sales tax. We continue to be a model for supporting the arts (more than $237,000 in 1999). We have the greatest number of jobs amongst counties of our size in the region, [and] this obviously attracts more residents. We have the lowest unemployment rate amongst the counties of our size in the region (4.3 percent as of February 2000). We have the highest average annual salary for the entire region, which is helpful in bringing in skilled and highly qualified new residents.” McEvoy¹s annual report contains other benefits that potential Schenectady County homeowners should take into account when looking for a house, including the following:
  • A decrease in each of the Schenectady County property tax levy and property taxes for the past five consecutive years.
  • Sales tax reductions in 1999 of an estimated $185,000 from the exemption on clothing purchases.
  • End-of-year outstanding bond debt for 1999 that was $3.5 million less than the 1993 total.
  • A $1.1 million 1999 county budget surplus.
For more information, please contact Dominic Tom , Homebuyer Ambassador.


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