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Here’s some of the materials you’ll receive when requesting a free homebuyers’ kit from the Schenectady County Chamber of Commerce.*

Financing Your Dream : This five-page document identifies federal, state and local programs designed to assist people with the purchase of homes through access to low-interest mortgage loans and purchase discounts. A summary of each program is presented, along with contact telephone numbers and Web sites, if available. The material allows potential homebuyers to conduct research at their own pace and level.

Affordable Housing Partnership, Capital Affordable Housing Funding Corporation : Detailed information about programs offered by the non-profit Affordable Housing Partnership, a lending consortium founded in 1986 that provides 30-year, fixed rate permanent loans and short-term construction loans at below-market interest rates. The organization also provides counseling and grants to income-eligible homebuyers.

Ahaa! : A service of The Legal Project of the Capital District Women’s Bar Association that works with Affordable Housing Partnership agencies to help homebuyers who are unable to afford legal fees associated with the purchase of their homes. The Legal Project works through three Schenectady County-based housing agencies.

REALTORS® Can Open the Right Doors : A publication from the New York State Association of Realtors that provides an overview of the home buying and selling processes. The 16-page booklet contains helpful information, including an extensive glossary of home buying terms.

The HUD Home Buying Guide : A booklet from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that helps make the dream of home ownership a real possibility for everyone. HUD owns homes in many communities throughout the U.S., including Schenectady County, and offers them for sale at attractive prices and economical terms.

100 Questions and Answers About Buying a New Home : This HUD book answers the many questions that potential homebuyers may have as they search for their new house. The guide is an excellent source for first-time homebuyers who want to determine whether purchasing a home is feasible for them.

The Union-Schenectady Initiative : A broad-based plan to revitalize the neighborhood adjacent to the historic Union College campus and stimulate home ownership in the area. The initiative offers incentives for the public to purchase and maintain homes in the area, and highlights infrastructure improvements carried out by the city of Schenectady to create a safe, attractive neighborhood. Union College is also offering scholarship funds to cover the full cost of tuition for children of qualified homeowners in the initiative area. Trustco Bank is also providing reduced fees and grants associated with residential mortgage applications in the initiative neighborhood.  

Making the American Dream a Reality : A fact sheet providing summaries of and contact sources for the Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority, Hill & Vale Affordable Housing Inc., Better Neighborhoods Inc. and Schenectady Housing Development Fund Corporation.

Schenectady Housing Development Fund Corporation : A detailed explanation, guidelines and application for the agency’s Second Mortgage Program. The program offers a second mortgage loan of up to 10 percent of the purchase price of a property to use for a required down payment and/or closing costs with a lender.  

* Materials made part of the homebuyers’ kit may vary according to availability and the addition/deletion of information.


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