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Opposition to Local Government Intrusion in Private Labor Matters Voiced by Schenectady County Chamber of Commerce

Reader note: The following statement was presented at a recent meeting of the Schenectady City Council and was also the topic of a “letter to the editor” sent to newspapers within the Schenectady County Chamber of Commerce coverage area. The statement, read into the record by Chamber President Anne Flint, had the unanimous support of the Chamber¹s Board of Directors. The statement was made in response to the Schenectady City Council¹s decision to adopt a resolution in support of unionization efforts at the warehouses operated by the Rotterdam, NY-based Golub Corp., owner of Price Chopper Supermarkets.

I am Anne Flint, president of the Schenectady County Chamber of Commerce, based at 306 State Street, Schenectady, NY.

On behalf of our 900 Chamber members and the Board of Directors we serve, I am here to state our organization¹s opposition to adoption of the resolution which lends City Council support to unionization efforts at the Golub Corporation, owner of Price Chopper Supermarkets.

The Schenectady County Chamber of Commerce, in this particular case and in all similar cases that may occur in the future, is and will be strongly and publicly opposed to government intrusion into the operation of any privately owned, legally operating company or business that operates within Schenectady County.

Any decision for a business or company to unionize should be determined strictly by the employees and their employer. Governmental agencies are charged with promoting the public health and welfare of its citizens in matters that are under their jurisdiction. There is no need for this City Council to wander from their elected responsibilities and delve into matters that are under the purview of private industry.

The Chamber also notes that the unionization question was resoundingly defeated by Golub employees by 325 to 148, a more than 2-to-1 margin. One would believe that result would make this resolution a moot point, and one would also have hoped this measure would have been withdrawn from the agenda.

The right of all Americans to decide whether THEY want to be represented by a union is unquestioned. The attempt by this City Council, and government in general, to involve itself in such matters is unnecessary.