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Leads Club

The mission of the Leads Club is to provide a forum for members to network, exchange tips, leads and personal referral information increasing opportunities to promote their products or services and expand their business.


Rules for participating in the Chamber Leads Club


  1. Must be a member in good standing. All dues and non-dues current.

  2. Must attend all meetings-meetings occur the 2nd and 4th week of each month on Thursday & Friday at noon. Location is 3rd floor of Chamber. If date and/or location change-all members will be notified.

****If a member misses 2 consecutive meetings-they are issued a warning of removal. If they miss 3 consecutively, they are automatically dropped.

  1. All participants must provide lead information for each meeting and copies for the entire committee. If attendees are not providing leads for the group, it does not assist, grow and support the mission of the Leads Clubs.

  2. No other company that provides similar services as an already existing committee member can attend or sit on the committee. This can only be given exception if all participants in direct competition approve of the person/company.

Pricing for Participation-Starting January 1st, 2006


*Participating Chamber Business must be current on all dues and non-dues.

*Current participation fee is $25.00 annually. The Chamber reserves the right to attach a participation fee to all committee members or review and increase annually.

*Lunch cost is $10.00 to $20.00-dependent on pricing from our restaurants/caterers 


Our newest Leads group started April 13th by popular demand.


For More information on Leads Club contact Katie at the Chamber

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